Why are we selling?

We bought the Domaine du Bac in two steps, in 2007 and in 2013. Originally, the domain served as accommodation for ourselves and for our company, which we took with us when we moved from Amsterdam in 2007. The company was sold in 2015 and it moved to Belgium. From the proceeds of the sale, we cover that part of our cost of living that is not covered by our modest pension.

Although the peace and quiet of the Domaine du Bac is very dear to us – the domain is and remains a paradise on earth – it is on the big side for us. Moreover, since the sale of our company, we have been slowly using up our financial reserves, for which it would be a good idea to house ourselves a little more modestly in the long run.

Because the domain consists of two independent houses (and also of two separate cadastral parcels), there are different options for a sale:

  1. We sell the complete estate (i.e. both houses and all land) and buy a slightly smaller and more modest house ourselves elsewhere;
  2. We sell the ferry house (rue du bac 3) and keep the (smaller) lock house (rue du bac 1);
  3. We sell the lock house (rue du bac 1) and keep the (larger) ferry house (rue du bac 3).

It has to be said that we are in no hurry at all with this sale: we live in paradise here and it won’t be easy to find anything else that even comes close to this quality of living.

What’s more, a TOTAL sale will take some time to find an alternative home (in which the flexibility – or lack thereof – of the potential buyers can make the difference).

We therefore prefer to explore all options and possibilities with those who may be interested, without obligation, in order to arrive at a mutually agreeable method of sale and transfer. It is conceivable, for example, that (part of) the furniture will be left behind after the sale in order to provide the new occupant with the basic furniture and inventory; this saves us the need to move furniture on a large scale.